Braff plays in Meadow

Zach Braff is hot these days, and not hot as in hanging out in his sauna hot, or bangs perfectly framing his forehead hot, but hot as in people like him and he can do just about anything he wants, and that includes film projects. Braff's got a few projects in the pipeline as a writer, director, actor and producer, and one of them includes the fantasy kids tale ANDREW HENRY'S MEADOW. While promoting his upcoming attempt to dethrone SPIDER-MAN 3 at the top of the box office, THE EX, Braff had this tow say about the upcoming film, co-written with his brother:

He and I came up with a story based on a children's book that we both loved as kids. ... It's a big-kid's adventure movie. We describe it as if Terry Gilliam had directed "The Goonies." Cory Edwards, who wrote and directed "Hoodwinked!," the animated movie, is going to direct it. It's his first live-action movie. That's gonna be a fun project.

Wow. As if Terry Gilliam has directed THE GOONIES? Well that most certainly sounds like a 'fun project.' Now we'll have to see if this 'fun project' lives up to the self-bestowed hype. Braff does battle with Jason Bateman in the previously mentioned THE EX, opening this Friday.

Extra Tidbit: Zach Braff is great friends with Lauryn Hill, who he grew up with and went to the same high school as. Hill even attended his Bar Mitvah.
Source: FilmickVH1



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