Buckaroo Banzai getting the TV series treatment under Kevin Smith's watch

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The last time I caught up with THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI, the 80s film just didn't quite hold up, causing me to wonder what it is that I dug about the movies all those years ago as a kid. However, the cult fandom for Peter Weller's scientist, neurosurgeon, rock musician and race car driver hero has stayed strong over the years, celebrating all the weirdness that can be found across the 8th Dimension. Therefore, news of a Buckaroo Banzai revival should be right up their alley, since they've waited all this time for a sequel that never came... and they have Kevin Smith to thank for it. 

On a recent episode of his Hollywood Babble-On podcast, Smith remarked on how well his recent effort directing an episode of THE FLASH for The CW was received. And because of the response to Smith's work, it opened up some "weird doors" for him to discuss a few intriguing projects, one of them being a TV series based on THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI. 

Smith's idea for how to lay out the series...?

Basically you just do the entire movie for season one, then season two you finally do the sequel we’ve all dreamed about, BUCKAROO BANZAI AGAINST THE WORLD CRIME LEAGUE. 

That sequel is referred to in the credits of the sole BUCKAROO BANZAI movie, but it never happened, given the movie only made $6.3 million theatrically on a $17 million budget. However, everything old is new again, and film properties being turned into TV series is where the industry's head seems to be right now. Needless to say, MGM seems to have been impressed by Smith's take on the material, because "we take it out and try to find a home for it" next month. If anyone is buying, then BUCKAROO BANZAI will get new life.

Now's the time for some crossed fingers, BANZAI fans... This may be your only shot at more of this world, so good luck (although with some of the other pitches being bought in recent months, you should be in good shape.)

The BUCKAROO BANZAI conversation picks up around 11 minutes in, if you want to take a listen.

Source: Smodcast



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