Carter Blanchard to rewrite Independence Day 2 script

Last fall Roland Emmerich said he and James Vanderbilt were preparing two screenplays for ID4EVER, just in case Will Smith decided to return for the INDEPENDENCE DAY sequel. Will Smith won't be back as Captain Steven Hiller though, and it appears Emmerich and Vanderbilt need some help figuring out how to do a sequel without Big Willie.

Deadline is reporting Carter Blanchard has been hired to write a second draft of the script for ID4EVER. You might not recognize the name, but he's an up-and-coming scribe who is currently working on an adaption of Mark Millar's "Kindergarten Heroes", and recently completed the script for SPYHUNTER.

Little is known about the plot for ID4EVER, but we do know it'll be set 20 years after the first movie, may involve humans using alien technology, and although Will Smith won't be back, most of the original cast will probably return for the sequel. Of course things could always change with a new screenwriter and script, so don't hold me to those previously reported plot details.

ID4EVER is scheduled to be released on July 3, 2016.

Source: Deadline



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