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To celebrate the long, long-awaited release of AVATAR tomorrow, I’m making this week’s Cast This about what I believe to be Cameron’s next project, BATTLE ANGEL ALITA. There have been a zillion rumors flying round about what truly is his next film, but after reading what he had to say about BATTLE ANGEL the other day, and the fact that it’s already a year into production, and we’ve been hearing about it for several before that, I think he’s going to go with it after AVATAR finally emerges from his womb.

But what the hell is it about? For a full refresher, read this post I wrote a while back that chronicles the thoughts of someone who got a look at what the film is shaping up to be, but here’s the highlight:

"Did you see the KICK-ASS trailer? Well imagine that girl via the Matrix via Ghost in the shell, via AI."Remember the True Lies bathroom brawl?" Well take out Arnold, and "copy and paste"Bruce Lee on acid via the Terminator. as seen through the eyes of a sweet innocent 14 year old cyborg girl."

That’s BATTLE ANGEL for ya.

So who are we looking for then? I think this is probably going to be one of the tougher Cast This roles to fill, as we’re not searching for a tough action hero or a super hot chick, we’re looking for a fourteen year old(ish) girl who can carry an entire James Cameron movie on her back.

There are plenty of actresses around that age out there, and I will rely on your guys’ movie/TV knowledge to be able to find some kick ass choices for the role. And speaking of kick ass…


We had another video game movie casting call last week, and this time it was for the lead in the upcoming GEARS OF WAR film, COG squad leader Marcus Fenix. Here are the results.

1. Dominic Purcell (12%) 2. Nick Chinlund (11%) 3. Gerard Butler (9%)

I am fully 100% behind Prison Break's Purcell for this role, and I think he’s the absolute right choice for the GEARS film. I do respect Chinlund, and think he deserves larger roles, but I’m just not sure this is the right one for him. I could almost see him as Baird in the movie though.

And of course, fan favorite Gerard Butler has shown up in yet another top three, and buzz that hair and yes, I can see him as Fenix for sure. He’s already got shoot-em-up gaming experience with GAMER, but this would be a much better project to sharpen his killstreak skills. I’m a little sad no one agreed with my suggestion of Patrick Warburton. Oh well.

Alright time to start yelling out the names of some fourteen year old girls. For the role. For the role in the movie. Yep.

Extra Tidbit: Just keep the title as BATTLE ANGEL, without the ALITA.
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