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So since I'm running out of superheroes to write this column about, what's wrong with turning to say, some Greek myths? Yesterday it was announced that none other than Brett Ratner would be directing a movie based on the comic Hercules: The Thracian wars, after dropping out of a similar Hercules project a year ago.

Whatever your opinion of Ratner, it does stand to reason that the burden of the film will likely fall on the burly shoulders of whichever actor is tapped to play the legend. So who the hell could it be? Who might be our modern day HERCULES?

The character has gone through a number of variants over the years, from Sorbo to Arnold to his own Disney animated feature. So who should play him in 2011? Who are the contenders?

It's tough because we just don't have actors that are absolutely MASSIVE the way Arnold and Stallone used to be. People are jacked, sure, but it's hard to think of people that resemble something out of a Greek myth.

But is it OK for Hercules to not be a giant? Sorbo's wasn't overly huge, and it stands to reason that you don't need biceps the size of your head to fill the role, as supernatural strength might take a more subtle form. Which buff actor do you think should play the new Hercules? I swear if anyone says Taylor Lautner...


Last column we took a look at who might best play the Rat Pack in Scorsese' upcoming Sinatra biopic. Not a ton of responses for this one, as I bet our age demo skews a bit younger, but here are your best picks for each role:

1. Frank Sinatra - Leonardo DiCaprio 2. Dean Martin - George Clooney 3. Sammy Davis Jr. - Don Cheadle

Great picks all around, and I can't argue with any of them. It's fairly obvious to me Leo will play Sinatra at some point in his life in a Scorsese movie. I love Clooney as Dean Martin (he can even sing a little!) and Cheadle has played Davis Jr. before, so it would be no problem for him.

Alright, how about the mighty Hercules?

Extra Tidbit: When are they going to reboot Xena?
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