Cast This: Max Walker from Timecop

I thought this edition of Cast This would be for fun.

Now that TIMECOP is getting a reboot why not cast the role of Max Walker? I wouldn't say this was a classic by any means, but it wasn't a crappy movie in my humble opinion. Most movie fans I know would actually say it was a fun time. That said, Jean-Claude Van Damme isn't irreplaceable in this role. Sure, he is a one of a kind guy, the "Muscles from Brussels" but we can easily make someone else Walker without worrying about our emotional attachment. Right? Unless it's a nostalgic issue.

What kind of person would play Max Walker? Is there even anyone on the same level as JCVD? Okay, maybe I'm starting to catch a case of unrelenting nostalgia. I mean, it was one of Van Damme's top grossing films after UNIVERSAL SOLIDER, of course. So would we go for a more well known name actor or someone from the B-list? When TIMECOP came out, JCVD was 34 years old. Maybe someone like Dominic Cooper or Jeremy Renner? I'm just throwing ideas out at this point. Are kitchen splits a requirement? If that's the case, doesn't Channing Tatum do the splits? This might be a harder one than I thought. I still think we can come up with something. Let's get this cast before the year 2004...wait. Just get on it!

But we can't replace Mia Sara...can we?

RESULTS FROM PREVIOUS 'CAST THIS': Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

Quicksilver: 1. Tom Felton 2. Ezra Miller Scarlet Witch: 1. Eva Green 2. Gemma Arterton

I didn't realize until after the fact that we had never established ages for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Would they be younger or older? Well, if Aaron Taylor- Johnson does in fact take the role for THE AVENGERS 2 then they are possibly looking for actors in their late teens/early twenties. The "prototype" for Scarlet Witch, Saoirse Ronan is 19-years old. Despite not having this knowledge, you guys kept your choices fairly young. The oldest of the batch here in Eva Green who is 32 years young. There was also some debate on whether or not to use the brother-sister team. Regardless you made your choices, and honestly I'd like to see Green team-up with either of these actors.

Source: JoBlo.com



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