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I've been debating about doing this column for a while now, as there are a number of factors to consider with the upcoming UNCHARTED movie. I was going to write it up a few months ago, but then Mark Wahlberg signed on for the titular role of Drake, and I didn't need to cast it anymore.

But now Wahlberg's bud David O'Russell has left, and I have a hunch Marky Mark might go with him. Instead stepping up is LIMITLESS's Neil Burger, a man so handsome he could play the lead himself. But that leaves the question open, who really will play NATHAN DRAKE?

Wahlberg was a much reviled choice by fans because the man just doesn't seem like Drake at all. Wahlberg might be a badass in a number of his films, but he has far from the sort of effortless charm it takes to play the character. He's only funny when he's not trying to be (THE HAPPENING) or when he's playing a very certain type of character (THE OTHER GUYS). In other words, he's not the man for the job and most of us HOPE he leaves the project.

And now I must acknowledge the fan favorite for the part from day one, Nathan Fillion. The star of Castle and Firefly would seem to be the perfect man for the job, but David O'Russell had never even heard of him when a fan asked him about the possibility of the casting, and most of America probably wouldn't recognize him either. Is he a viable lead? I expect him to come out as the top pick in this poll, but I also thought the suggestion of Burger reuniting with Bradley Cooper could be interesting. They may not look alike, but I could definitely see Cooper personality-wise fitting the bill.

But it doesn't have to be those two guys, it can be ANYONE. Who do you think would best play Nathan Drake?

Last Time: TARZAN

Our last Cast This examined who should play Tarzan in the upcoming film trilogy. Yes, there is going to be a film trilogy. Answers were split, but the top choices were:

1. Taylor Kitsch 2. Michael Fassbender 3. Charlie Hunnam

Well, they've certainly got the hair for it. I do think far and away the best choice is Kitsch, as he has the brooding qualities needed for an effective Tarzan, and I could easily see him taking the part. Fassbender would be an interesting choice, but I doubt the part would be his bag. And Hunnam? I do love my Jacks Briggs, and he could use a good starring movie role.

Alright, what about Nathan Drake?

Extra Tidbit: Still waiting for that first truly good video game movie. Don't start talking about Resident Evil.
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