Cast This: Wonder Woman for Batman vs. Superman

Ready to give Wonder Woman another go for this edition of Cast This?

We've been here before. Trying to find a lovely tough as nails lady to pilot the invisible jet. We started with television then moved on to ensemble territory for JUSTICE LEAGUE. Diana of Themyscira is set to possibly appear in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, but not yet as Wonder Woman. The leading lady character has been said to serve as the main love interest to Batman. Diana and Bruce have dated before though it wasn't for long. But then again, who hasn't Bruce dated? If this is the route the decide to go (with the romance aspect) I can't say I necessarily agree for several reasons. Recently she was linked with Superman so let's hope there's not some kind of dumb love triangle. I highly doubt that idea will play out. The love interest and Diana could be separate characters.

All that aside, we've been waiting to see Wonder Woman in any capacity on any screen whether it be big or small. The actress chosen for the part will potentially go on to JUSTICE LEAGUE as well as her own solo film. So casting this part is kind of important. In the past, schmoes chose Gina Carano as their top choice for Wonder Woman for TV and the JUSTICE LEAGUE film. Runners-up for both included: Jaimie Alexander, Evangeline Lilly, Lynn Collins, and Odette Annable (formerly Odette Yustman).

Right now the rumored contenders for the role are Jaimie Alexander, Olga Kurylenko, Gal Gadot, and Elodie Yung. Do you think any of those ladies would make the role a great one? Is there someone else you have in mind? While I'm typing this Lena Heady comes to mind. The age range the studio seems to be shooting for is somewhere between early 20s to early 30s. Heady just turned 40 in October. While Wonder Woman must have some muscle behind her, I think that her personality is just as important to her success.

That said, cast away!


1. Paul Bettany 2. Guy Pearce 3. Neil Patrick Harris

So that pic of Paul Bettany offered up by rodolforever makes it hard for me to see anyone else playing the part now. It's perfect. Plus the guy is a great actor However-- and this is a big however-- Bettany has confessed that he isn't a fan of the comic book flicks so this probably also includes television. Dude, it's gotta be better than being in PRIEST. I think that Constantine would be a great character to play. I gotta say, I love the idea of Neil Patrick Harris but does he want to take on another series after HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER? I didn't forget about JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, by the way. But we were going by the news of the television show and the movie doesn't seem like it's a plan any time soon which sucks.

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