Charlie Sheen being sought for a Hangover 2 cameo?

Update: Collider contacted Todd Phillips who says this isn't happening. Probably for the best.

Charlie Sheen is inescapable these days. You can ‘t turn on your TV without CNN running a breaking story about what new ridiculous thing he’s said, and you can’t go on the internet without your friends posting that ridiculous thing he’s said as their status.

So it should be no surprise that he’s a pretty hot commodity now, as his insanity is clearly something to be capitalized on. And what movie does his life most closely resemble recently? I’d definitely say THE HANGOVER, and those behind that movie agree.

According to BadassDigest, director Todd Phillips is reportedly pursuing Charlie Sheen to make a last minute cameo in the film, presumably as himself. The film has wrapped shooting, but it’s not unheard of to go back and film a scene like this.

They already tried this with Mel Gibson, but Zach Galifianakis objected on the grounds that it would appear the man is pure evil. Sheen is f*cked up in a way that doesn’t involve racism or woman-beating (at least not recently) so perhaps the cast would allow it.

Will Sheen still be relevant (or alive) when THE HANGOVER PART II comes out in May?

Extra Tidbit: Remember kids, "Dying's for fools."
Source: Badass Digest



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