Check out the spoiler-filled French trailer for Run All Night

Back in January we saw the first domestic trailer for Jaume Collett-Serra's RUN ALL NIGHT. The crime thriller stars Liam Neeson, Ed Harris, Joel Kinnaman, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Genesis Rodriguez in what looks like a cross between THE DEPARTED and any of the TAKEN movies. The domestic trailer didn't do much for me but this new French trailer is a doozy.

We still get the same plot elements about Neeson's hitman killing the son of his friend and mob boss played by Ed Harris. The first trailer made it seem like a crime thriller whereas this new trailer looks like a balls out action roller-coaster. Usually American trailers reveal too much of the plot but this international one basically tells us every single character's fate.

RUN ALL NIGHT looks like it is going to have some pretty brutal fight sequences and at least one double cross. Neeson may be playing his now typecast role of the gruff father out for vengeance, but both Ed Harris and Joel Kinnaman look top notch here. Hopefully there is more than what we see in this trailer.

RUN ALL NIGHT opens on March 13th.

Source: YouTube



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