Chris Columbus in talks to direct Ghostbusters-like action comedy Pixels

The last thing we got from Chris Columbus directing wise was 2010s PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS: THE LIGHTNING THIEF. While I may not have enjoyed everything he's ever done, films like ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING, HOME ALONE 2, MRS. DOUBTFIRE, and both of the HARRY POTTER movies he directed sort of cancel out anything lousy he could possibly do. I'm willing to let it anything pass because of my love for MRS. DOUBTFIRE.

Now it looks like Columbus, who is known to circle many projects but not necessarily touch down is looking at taking on PIXELS. The film which was derived from Patrick Jean's short, PIXELS: RETRO GAMERS was nabbed up by Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions back in 2010. It was set to release in 2013 then pushed to 2014, but now it seems that Sony wants it ready for a debut in 2015. It's said that the goal of the project is to develop an "action-comedy in the vein of GHOSTBUSTERS."

The first draft of the script was written by Tim Herlihy (THE WEDDING SINGER, BILLY MADISON) then was passed to Tim Dowling (JUST GO WITH IT) for rewrites. PIXELS is said to be the largest production that Happy Madison has taken on to date.

For those who haven't seen the PIXELS short I've included it below:

Source: The Wrap



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