Chris Pratt faces off against a raptor pack in new Jurassic World clip

One aspect of the upcoming JURASSIC WORLD that fans have been finding questionable is Chris Pratt's relationship with the raptors. We're all fond of the relentless and intelligent raptors present in the first three films, so watching Pratt play alpha-raptor has threatened to lessen the effect of the fearsome predators.

A new clip from JURASSIC WORLD has been released which better illustrates Chris Pratt's somewhat tenuous relationship with his raptor pack, check it out!

As we've yet to see the final film it's hard to say whether or not this new aspect of the raptors will be entirely successful; being the intelligent creatures that they are, it's possible they're merely humouring Pratt while they wait for their moment to escape. Well, at least that's what I've been writing in my fan-fiction. I'd tell you more but...we like to keep this site on the PG-13 side.

JURASSIC WORLD will be released on June 12, 2015 so while you're waiting, why not take some time to watch this BTS video of Chris Pratt trying his darndest to whistle.

Source: Youtube



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