Chris Weitz Talks Secrecy and What To Expect From The Star Wars Spinoff

Near the end of January Chris Weitz replaced Gary Whitta as the screenwriter on Gareth Edwards' STAR WARS SPIN-OFF, a move which had many wondering just what was happening and what that meant for the script Whitta had been writing.

Chris Weitz spoke to /Film today and reassured everyone that Whitta’s script is still the core of the spin-off, adding that “there’s a very strong structure from Gary’s work and that’s a huge advantage to me”.

Being that this is a STAR WARS film we’re talking about, anyone who comes aboard has to deal with the extreme security that comes with a picture like this.

It was like meeting for any assignment. Go in, talk about how you work and talk about the idea, but of course there was A) A huge security component to it. I wasn’t able to see the script until kind of after I was brought on board. And B) I saw Star Wars when I was 7 and it was a formative experience in my life, let alone in the notion of film-making. I’m probably only working on this stuff because I did have that experience then. But it completely possessed me when I was a child and it was a huge part of my kind of emotional make up. So I tried to be as cool as possible in these meetings while still being aware if I got the assignment I was going to be able to work on something I’ve been dreaming of doing.

Now that Chris Weitz has a front row seat to one of the most anticipated movies of 2016, he has to deal with the STAR WARS rumour mill that often runs amok. His solution to that; he just won't be going on the Internet anymore.

I try not to read it because I don’t know how it would help me do the job that I have to do, which is to make the very best version of this movie possible. I think it was good to know a bit of what fans are hoping for but then again, I’m a fan as well so I know what I’m hoping for and I try to sort of take that as my lead and not get my head too occupied with what’s on the Internet.

For fans wondering what to expect from the film, Chris has an answer to that as well.

They need to expect everything because it’s Star Wars. They have to. If I don’t do that I’m failing in my job.

At the moment we really have no idea what the STAR WARS SPIN-OFF will be about; we've heard that it may involve Han Solo and Boba Fett but who knows at this point. The STAR WARS SPIN-OFF is still a long way off from its December 16, 2016 release, plenty of time to find out.

Extra Tidbit: Which classic character do you hope the Star Wars spin-off will focus on?
Source: /Film



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