Clash of the Titans director Louis Leterrier wants Y: The Last Man

The DC/Vertigo comic series Y: THE LAST MAN came to a finish not long ago, but like the story's protagonist, the feature film remains somewhere in the future.

For a while, director DJ Caruso was planning to reunite with his DISTURBIA and EAGLE EYE star Shia LaBeouf on the adaptation, but they moved on and it's back on the shelf with thousands of other comics and graphic novels stuck in development.

Or is it? According to Latino Review, director Louis Leterrier is interested in bringing Y to life. If his CLASH OF THE TITANS pulls in enough cash, perhaps he'll have the clout to make it happen. The project is apparently still set up at the slimmed-down studio New Line.

Y: THE LAST MAN follows the journey of wisecracking amateur magician Yorick, the only guy left on the planet (plus his simian sidekick) after a plague wipes out the entire male gender – but he quickly discovers that a world of women is not quite paradise.

Y writer/co-creator Brian K. Vaughan is slowly generating his own heat around town -- besides his comic work and time on the "Lost" writing crew, he's been circulating well-received spec scripts like ROUNDTABLE and the recent post-apocalyptic heist story THE VAULT. He's also been working on adapting his own comic series EX MACHINA, about a New York mayor (and former superhero) with the ability to communicate with simple and complex machinery.

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of the last man on Earth, I wonder how long until we get a remake of HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN?
Source: Latino Review



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