Clip and Pics from Denzel and Reynolds actioner Safe House

The Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds action thriller Safe House looks intriguing enough and today saw the release of a new clip and some stills that seem adequate enough. I want to talk this up and fawn all over it, but I just can't. I mean, it looks entertaining enough, but nothing about it will summon me to the theater to see it. 

Here's the clip.

Safe House is the first U.S. film from Swedish filmmaker Daniel Espinosa who seems to be channeling Tony Scott almost shot-for-shot in the trailer. I'm just not blown away by this, but I feel like I should be. Can't quite figure out what's missing.

Denzel is a proven talent many times over and Reynolds is great in comedic roles, but hasn't shined as much in his "heroic" roles. (DEADPOOL may be his only shot at a perfect hybrid of his action/comedy chops). I don't know about this one. 

So, there's pictures of Ryan Reynolds running. With a gun. And then there's Brendan Gleeson. Hair slicked back. Wondering what the f*ck he's doing there. Sam Shepard thinks he's in SWORDFISH 2: HACKERS DELITE. Then, my sweet, sweet Vera Farmiga. I'm not sure if she has lines in the movie, but there she is. Lookin' all good.

So, the big question is...Are YOU going to see SAFE HOUSE on February 10th, 2012?

Extra Tidbit: Still Waiting 3, anyone?
Source: IGN



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