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In addition to 30 DAYS, Sony also highlighted RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION. The first thing they showed was the WonderCon footage. If you've seen that it basically follows Alice and gang in the desert trying to avoid a swarm of zombies. They're dispatched in a number of gruesome ways but expect machetes to the head, shotgun blasts right through the head and other blunt force trauma. In all, I wasn't all that impressed because while the scene was definitely tense, the effects seemed off. The CG blood splatter looked kinda cheap and fake to me. Maybe the FX work isn't done yet though...

Next they showed the brand new trailer for the film, which I'd describe to you but you can just see for yourself as Sony put it online directly after the panel. I especially like the zombie crows, which is a pretty neat angle for a zombie movie to take. I mean, that would have to happen eventually, right?

After the footage out came creature maker Pat Tatopoulos, producer Paul WS Anderson, Ali Larter and Milla Jovovich. The latter of which was preceeded by about 30 girls all dressed as Alice in a red dress. All looking pretty damn hot I might add. Jovovich was looking pretty damn pregnant I will also add but she once looked like this so I'm willing to forgive.

Anderson talked about the movie explaining that sometimes what they do creatively in the movies is dependent on what Capcom is planning to do with the games. They can't kill a character if the developers are putting have future stoyrlines for them. So that's what it took longer to get some characters involved and so on.

He also explained the plot of the film as being about Larter's character Claire who has this band of survivors who travel in a convoy to stay safe. They never stay anywhere for long because the zombies will eventually find them. Soon they meet up with the real Alice and they must fight off both the zombies and representatives from the Umbrella Corporation who want her dead.

Jovovich was really sweet with everyone who came up to say hello, even the guy who hated ALIENS VS. PREDATOR. She even invited one girl up to get an autograph (though Con security put a stop to that). Larter unfortunately didn't get to say much (though just looking at her was fine with me) and Tatopoulos said nothing as far as I can remember. I wasn't blown away but it did look like standard RESIDENT EVIL fare and a decent way to end the franchise.

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