Cool Videos: Black Angel, a short which aired with The Empire Strikes Back

Over three decades ago a film known as BLACK ANGEL screened in front of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK in several countries. Unfortunately the prints of the film disappeared and BLACK ANGEL was thought to have been lost; then, several years ago, a print finally turned up and the effort to restore the long-lost film was underway.

BLACK ANGEL has since screened at several festivals and was made available on iTunes last year, but it has now popped up on YouTube for the rest of us to enjoy. BLACK ANGEL will remain on YouTube until May 31, so watch it while you can!

George Lucas wanted a short film to screen in front of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and his art director, Roger Christian, just happened to have a script that Lucas loved. After Lucas commissioned the picture, Christian then traveled to Scotland to film BLACK ANGEL with a small budget and an even smaller cast. Despite its status as a lost film, it was a major influence on many films throughout the years.

Roger Christian teased that that some news on the film will arrive on June 2; a sequel or remake perhaps?

Source: Youtube



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