Cool Videos: George C. Scott and Sam Neill watch the trailer for Jack and Jill

Do you remember the trailer for Adam Sandler's JACK AND JILL or are you still trying to wash it out of your brain?

I should have warned you after posting the trailer that it may cause temporary madness, vertigo, or diarrhea. We've been getting several requests to post the video of George C. Scott reacting to the trailer for the past week now. I've decided to upload it along with another video of Sam Neill reacting to the same trailer.

I know you guys like the one with Scott, but I enjoy the Neill one a bit more. For those of you wondering, the movie with Scott that is cut with the Sandler trailer is called HARDCORE. The one with Neill is obviously IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS.

Extra Tidbit: Thank you to my friend Elford for the heads up on the Sam Neill mash-up. Credit goes to YouTube users, ChugstheMonkey and pbonanno.
Source: YouTube



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