Cool Videos: Gosling & Crowe get a lesson in promoting The Nice Guys


It's an uphill battle for any sort of original movie to find an audience for itself with the way the Hollywood landscape is today. The focus is on brands, on recognizable intellectual properties, on name value. That's what consistently attracts viewers, who, in turn, bring box office dollars, and that's why studios continue chasing the next potential untapped gold mine to be adapted into a feature film that people might want to see. As a result, we face an interesting showdown at movie theaters this weekend with the familiar (THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE and NEIGHBORS 2) squaring off against something that has to stand on its own first before it can reach that level (THE NICE GUYS). Who will come out ahead? That is entirely up to you... and your family, friends, neighbors - no pun intended - and a bunch of complete strangers.

However, Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe won't be taking this challenge laying down... or sitting down, standing up or in any other position for that matter... not after their latest strategy session with producer Joel Silver who broke down for them everything they need to do in order to make THE NICE GUYS into a success and defeat the behemoths they're lined up against this week on the release date calendar. They now have a bit of a gameplan on what they need to do to get out there and promote their movie even further and... well, you can see for yourself how well this blueprint might turn out. 

THE NICE GUYS opens in theaters this Friday, May 20.

Source: Warner Bros.



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