Cool Videos: Harry Potter as a teen comedy

Yes, yes, it's time for another trailer recutting, but I promise this one is quite good. We have seen the last of Harry Potter for who knows how long, but perhaps we can cut up all his past movies and form them into a new one, a teen comedy perhaps?

The trailer for a such a feature is below, which focuses on some of the zanier aspects of the series and centers on girl chasing and young love and such. You sort of forget that these films used to be pretty lighthearted and fun at times because in the last three films they plunged down a hole of darkness, never to resurface again. They didn't even go to school in the last book! Do you still graduate if a war you provoked destroys your entire school?

Check out the recut trailer below:

Extra Tidbit: I did like the later films and books, but man, that was quite a tone shift.
Source: thewlisrox



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