Cool Videos: James Franco takes to Letterman to address his Oscar hosting

For the first time since hosting the Oscars to less than stellar reviews, James Franco addressed the situation on "The Late Show with David Letterman." Franco was ostensibly there to promote YOUR HIGHNESS but Letterman, another once-scrutinized Oscar host, got talking about the awards show with Franco.

The actor claims he wasn't stoned and that his mellow demeanor is simply a side-effect of standing next to the energetic Anne Hathaway. I'll give Franco credit because he doesn't seem to really care much what people thought about it and, as Letterman says in the clip below, why should he?

I'm not sure I buy that he wasn't stoned and I certainly agree it wasn't a fairly effective performance but I think it went off exactly how Franco wanted it to (whereas Hathaway I think was going for something completely different). Now that we're somewhat removed from the ceremony, what do you think of Franco's job hosting?

Source: JoBlo Video



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