Cool Videos: Star Wars Fan Made Anime Short

Sometimes there are good ideas that come along. Sometimes there are great ones. Then there are ones that blow your f*cking mind with how insanely awesome they are, and you wonder why you didn't come up with something as cool as this.

No matter what your opinion is of Lucas and his handling of the STAR WARS universe, you have to give it up to the creator of this fan made anime short, Otaking77077. In the video, the scene is set with Imperials and Rebels fighting it out. The anime style has this early 90s feel, similar to something like COWBOY BEBOP. His first video was taken down, then uploaded again by someone who decided it needed to be seen by more people. They made it even better by adding the track, "Born to Lose" by Sleigh Bells.

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Extra Tidbit: You can also check out his DeviantArt page.
Source: io9Youtube



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