Cool Videos: The Making of Tron: Legacy

As you may have read, TRON: LEGACY is one of the finalists for the Best Visual Effects Oscar along with films like SCOTT PILGRIM and INCEPTION. To help separate itself from the pack, the folks at Digital Domain, which handled the FX on the film, put together this nifty little behind-the-scenes "Making Of" video that shows exactly how much work went into the film.

I know not everyone loved TRON: LEGACY; heck, some of you even hated it. I don't expect that this video will change your mind whether you loved it or not and frankly, if you didn't like the film, you might be even more disappointed that they put this much work into it for naught. But there were some really talented artists at work here and regardless of whether it worked as a film, they put together some beautiful visuals and that, at least, should be recognized. At the very least, it's fun to watch Jeff Bridges with a camera strapped to his head and dots all over his face emoting as Clu (an effect, I will admit, that never really worked in the movie).

Check out the clip below to see more from the Making of TRON: LEGACY.

Source: JoBlo.com



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