Cool Videos: Volkswagen's Star Wars themed ad "The Force"

There's another reason other than football to watch the Super Bowl every year--the commercials.

Companies will roll out their best spots hoping for Super Bowl commercial glory. Plus it's the best time to air a commercial if your company has the dough to buy a spot. Last year 106 million people were tuned in to watch the New Orleans Saints take on the Indianapolis Colts.

This year the Green Bay Packers will take their chance against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I don't watch football so I have no idea who will win. All I know is I like this Volkswagen commercial that will be playing at some point during the Super Bowl. Have you ever seen a tiny Darth Vader walk around your house? I have and it's awesome. For some reason I lost it at the PB&J part.

Extra Tidbit: Last year's Super Bowl was the most watched program in U.S. television history, something finally surpassed the M*A*S*H finale. Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger, you are missed.
Source: YouTube



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