Cool Videos: Watch a 4-year-old react to the end of Empire Strikes Back

I don't remember the first time I saw EMPIRE STRIKES BACK but I was probably the age of the kid in this video below. And I don't remember exactly how I reacted when I found out the evil Darth Vader was actually Luke Skywalker's father but it was probably something like this. Whatever it was, it impacted me enough that I went out almost immediately afterward and bought this Darth Vader Collector's Case.

Recently a dad decided to film his kids watching the end of EMPIRE STRIKES BACK to record their reaction to the climactic scene. There's some debate in the YouTube comments about the veracity of this video but then again YouTube commenters love screaming "FAKE!" at every video that has over 4,000 views. For what it's worth, 4-year-olds are very hard to coach to do anything. But this is what's fun about having kids. For all the crying, screaming, fighting, yelling, biting and pooping, nothing can match that moment when you show your kid the original STAR WARS for the first time. Unless this was the George Lucas modified Blu-rays, then this is the worst dad ever.

Source: YouTube



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