Could Giancarlo Esposito return as Gus Fring in the final episodes of Breaking Bad?

Gus Fring will go down as one of the greatest villains in television history. Giancarlo Esposite portrayed Fring with such a ruthless demeanor that made him the perfect foil for Bryan Cranston's Walter White. By the end of last season, Fring was no more and Esposito had moved on to a role on ABC's ONCE UPON A TIME and NBC's upcoming REVOLUTION.

But, is there a chance that we could still see Gus Fring on BREAKING BAD in the upcoming final episodes, set to air in 2013?

EOnline revealed this scoop on Monday: Giancarlo Esposito tells us "there has been talk" and "there has been certainly ideas floating around" about his big bad character returning in some capacity for the very end. And Giancarlo is so on board with that, saying, "I want to come back in Walt's [Bryan Cranston] dream and haunt him."

Dream or not, it would be awesome to see all of the characters who have died either directly or indirectly because of Walter White come back. That would complete White's rise and fall over the course of the show.

I only ask that Fring look like he did after the bomb went off. Best scene ever.

Extra Tidbit: Can you believe that the entire span of BREAKING BAD (not counting this season premiere's flashforward) has taken place over the course of a single year?
Source: Vulture



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