Crudup takes Manhattan?

Poor Billy Crudup. He always seems to be the second choice of directors and producers. Cameron Crowe wanted Brad Pitt for ALMOST FAMOUS but when he bailed at the last minute, he got Billy Crudup. Zack Snyder wanted Keanu Reeves for WATCHMEN but when he bailed, it looks like he's gonna get Billy Crudup. CHUD is reporting that Crudup has signed to star in WATCHMEN as Dr. Manhattan, the all-blue, naked superhero. Previously Jason Patric had also been in the running to play Manhattan but he too seems to have gone by the wayside. All these WATCHMEN casting rumors are making my head spin and honestly I can't tell shit from shinola at this point. All I know is that Zack Snyder will announce the cast at the Warner Bros. WATCHMEN panel at the Comic-Con this year and all this speculation will be laid to waste. And as for Crudup, don't feel too bad - he got to mack Claire Danes. Lucky bastard.

Extra Tidbit: Crudup has been that guy doing the Mastercard "Priceless" voiceovers since 1997.
Source: CHUD



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