Confirmed: Cumberbatch IS Khaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Just yesterday I posted an article regarding rumors that Benedict Cumberbatch is actually playing Khan in STAR TREK 2. Today, those rumors are all but officially confirmed by JJ Abrams and Paramount.

Trek Movie, citing multiple reputable sources, has stated clearly that Cumberbatch is Khan Noonien Singh.

According to the article, Khan is back in 2013, however sources indicate that the film is not a rehash of "Space Seed," the original Star Trek episode where Kirk and crew first encounter the genetic superman from the past.

I like the idea of taking this beloved villain and completely turning him on his head.  If the latest season of FRINGE has showed us anything, it is that you can take existing stories and tweak them just enough for an alternate timeline that they remain fresh and interesting while exploring similar terrain.

Trek Movie also has confirmed that Leonard Nimoy will be returning as Spock Prime as well as the news that the Klingons will play an integral part of the sequel's storyline.

STAR TREK 2 is wrapping up filming in Southern California and appears to be on track for May 17, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if Cumberbatch needed a prosthetic chest for the action scenes?
Source: TrekMovie



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