Is Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan in the next Star Trek? Is Leonard Nimoy coming back as well?

Maybe it is wishful thinking, but things continue to line up for Khan to be making his triumphant return in STAR TREK 2. We have seen the set photos that have popped up showing him in what appears to be a variant of a Starfleet uniform.  There are now images circulating showing Zachary Quinto's Spock wearing the same uniform which has a faint Starfleet insignia.

From my recollection, Khan was not a Starfleet officer but he was a genetically engineered super soldier from the past that was found in the SS Botany Bay by Kirk and crew in cryogenic sleeping tubes.  Of course, since JJ Abrams has the new Trek universe in a parallel timeline, this could all be changed.  But, wouldn't Khan have existed before the timeline was altered?  Now my brain hurts.

Either way, the rumor mill has been fired up going as far back as December when Benecio Del Toro dropped out that Khan would still be in the film. It is getting clearer that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the lead villain role in the sequel. Judging from his performances in TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY and the BBC SHERLOCK series, he definitely has the acting chops to play a meaty bad guy.

This news also comes along with the reveal by Leonard Nimoy himself that he is "talking" about making an appearance in STAR TREK 2.  Despite his self proclaimed retirement from acting, Nimoy has made several recurring appearances on FRINGE (up to and including last Friday's episode) and his role in the Abrams reboot was definitely left open for a future return.

Whether or not either of these items turns out to be true, it is nice to see that we may finally get two consecutive STAR TREK movies of a high quality.

Source: MTVAin't It Cool



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