Benicio Del Toro is out for Star Trek 2? Khan is still in?

What in the sweet hell is going on here? Did we not already discuss this topic today?

It looks like Benicio Del Toro will not be playing the villain in STAR TREK 2 according to Vulture. Their insiders claim that last Wednesday the negotiations went sour over monetary issues. An agreement could not be met so Del Toro walked.

That's all for that part of the story.

So you know this whole back and forth crap we have going on between websites over whether Khan will be the villain in the sequel? Well, add another to the "Khan is playing the villain" camp. Vultures insiders are saying that despite J.J. Abrams claiming the rumors of Khan are "not true", they in fact are.

Frankly, I wish someone, either Abrams or his rep would put this shit to rest. It doesn't make a load of difference if Khan is the villain or not. People are still going to see the movie no matter who he makes the villain. If the Del Toro stuff is true, that's kind of a bummer but I'm sure they will find someone that's just as cool.

Wait...does this mean Peter Weller might play Khan? That would be interesting.

Extra Tidbit: If Khan is in fact the villain, who would you guys want to see take on the part?
Source: Vulture



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