Daniel Day-Lewis may drink more milkshakes for Paul Thomas Anderson

Daniel Day-Lewis Paul Thomas Anderson

What's that? The milkshake gag is so 2007? Well I guess I'm just not cool anymore. Cool? Do the kids still say cool? No they don't, Marge. As I scramble around anxiously for my medication I'll leave you with this news: Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson may be set to reunite for Anderson's latest film. The last time this talented pair collaborated it resulted in THERE WILL BE BLOOD, a film which I would likely include in my top ten of movies of all-time.

Variety got the scoop on Lewis and Anderson's potential reunion but sadly, not much more than that. What they do know is that the film will be set in 1950s New York and will revolve around the fashion industry. The plot and who Daniel Day-Lewis might play isn't known at this time, but honestly, just knowing that these two may join forces once more is all I need. Paul Thomas Anderson is still working on the script and it's said that he's meeting with young actresses of Eastern European descent to cast in supporting roles. Lewis is typically very selective of the roles he chooses to invest himself in, often waiting several years in between projects. In fact, he hasn't appeared in a film since 2012's LINCOLN, for which he won Best Actor at the Academy Awards.

Which is your favourite Daniel Day-Lewis role and your favourite Paul Thomas Anderson film? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Variety



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