David Hasselhoff and Gary Busey work their weirdness to sell you Piranha 3DD

There's nothing like ten buckets of crazy to sell your movie and PIRANHA 3DD has got just that in two of its stars.  Gary Busey, the epitome of batshit crazy, is featured in the below blooper featurette where he talks about fish frisbee, the acronym for FART, and how to avoid having Piranha's show up at your door. 

The second video is a clip from the film featuring our favorite sun-tanned faux lifeguard, David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff playing an electronic keyboard and singing some shitty music to two chicks in bed. 

Just get it over with already:

I know Gary Busey is a few fries short of a happy meal, but he cracks me up.  He's the good kind of crazy, in my opinion, as I'm pretty sure he's aware of it and plays it up every time he's onscreen.  Plus, he will always be cemented as Mr. Joshua from LETHAL WEAPON and Angelo Pappas from POINT BREAK. 

The Hoff is just The Hoff.  He's a TV star who is more recognizable as himself, than any role he's played.  The question remains, though; with all the boobs and blood in PIRANHA 3DD, why are they using these washed out old schoolers to promote the film?  They certainly bring charisma, but between them or some naked boobies and/or blood in the water, I'll take the latter. 

PIRANHA 3DD spills the crazy on June 1, 2012.

And here's a better reason to see the movie:

Extra Tidbit: Gary Busey needs his own reality TV show. No theme, no angle...just cameras following Busey.
Source: You TubeReelz



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