David Morse is a prisoner for World War Z

What's missing from WORLD WAR Z? Oh yes, that's right, David Morse. Although I did not think of him before for a role in the movie beforehand.

Actually any movie could benefit from adding David Morse to its cast. He's always so creepy though. Morse in any role usually comes off creepy. If you need to scare off any bad neighborhood kids, just put a David Morse on your lawn to take care of it.

Morse joins Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos and James Badge Dale in the adaptation of Max Brooks' novel.

The actor will play a prisoner living in an abandoned jail. That's it. Those are the only details. I have not read this but many of my friends who have think its a great book. Initially most of them were worried that the material would not translate well to the big screen thinking it might be better as a mini-series. A few of them also said "I'm over Brad Pitt".

Source: Deadline



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