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I wasn't as blown away by the russian film NIGHT WATCH as Quentin Tarantino apparently was, but I did like it, and I do want to see the next installment.

Fox Searchlight will have the sequel, DAY WATCH (DNEVNOY DOZOR) in cinemas on June 1st, so you can get your fill of the battle between good and evil and lots of animals changing into humans or vampires and vice versa. I'm also not sure if this is correct, since I only watched the trailer once and you know, it's in Russian, but the main guy from the first movie (Anton) may or may not now be a woman.

DAY WATCH picks up a while after the conclusion of NIGHT WATCH, with Anton still fighting evil and at the same time trying to find his son. However, in the midst of this, vampires belonging to the dark side start being killed and Anton is framed for their murders. As a result he has to put that on hold and escape the Day Watch who are now after his head.

Anyway, check out the trailer, because like NIGHT WATCH, there's - if nothing else - some pretty cool footage of animal-human transformations.

Extra Tidbit: Anton is at one point in the movie, seen jumping through an advertising of the film 9-YA ROTA, the previous record holder at Russia's theatrical box-office.
Source: Fox Searchlight



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