Deadpool 2 reportedly will cast three X-Force characters for credits tease

DEADPOOL already did the deed of introducing the Merc With a Mouth to mainstream audiences, and now the lovable rogue is bringing some pals with him for the sequel. We already know Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz) have been cast and will be heavily featured in DEADPOOL 2, but a recent report claims the movie is looking to feature three more relatively unknown characters, if only for a brief moment.

ComicBook got a tip that the movie is looking to cast three characters from the mutant universe as part of an end-credits tease for the X-FORCE movie that will follow DEADPOOL 2. The heroes in particular may leave non-comic nerds scratching their heads, but it could leave actual comic nerds jumping for joy. Calm down, comic nerds.


We’ve already seen this character in the X-MEN universe, albeit with very little opportunities to speak in DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (played by Adam Canto). Real name Bobby da Costa, Sunspot is a mutant who gets his power from absorbing the sun's energy, and using it to become a walking torch, spout beams of fire, zoom around, and cook lasagna in under a minute.


A valued member of the X-Force, as well as other mutant team-ups, Maria Callasantos a.k.a. Feral has the appearance of a wild cat creature and enhanced sense, reflexes, speed, etc. Basically, she’s a gaint cat.


Coming from a distant planet that exists a century in the future, Gaveedra-Seven a.k.a. Shatterstar was engineered to become a super warrior. He was then sent back in time to our planet where he joined up with Cable and the X-Force. Like Captain America he has heightened physical abilities, as well as the power to form shockwaves and teleport. He's also had a relationship (and shared a passionate kiss) with a man in the comics, so that could be a thing.

If the report proves true, these three characters will be in a short of end-credits sequence to be featured at the end of DEADPOOL 2, which makes far more sense than if they were in the actual movie. Chances are tons of people will go to see the sequel, so it’s a great opportunity for Fox to hint at their upcoming greater mutant universe without over-stuffing their movie with characters.

I’m not as familiar with the world of comic books as some of you may be, so I don’t have a very good idea of how these characters will fit into the team dynamic of the X-FORCE, but Fox may have big plans for them if they’re introducing them in a credit scene. Now all they have to do is find the right actors, with one of the male actors possibly having to get their heads around having a romantic relationship with a human cat.

DEADPOOL 2 arrives June 1, 2018.

Source: ComicBook



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