Deadpool shows off his assets in cheeky new international poster

I think we're all pretty aware that Ryan Reynolds is in great shape. He's been putting us all to shame for a long time and now he's just rubbing it in our faces in this new poster for DEADPOOL. Of course, what he's rubbing in our faces this time is his ass. Yup, DEADPOOL is putting it all out there, showing off his lovely red turd cutter for all to see and reminding us that, ready or not, he's coming to a theater near you very soon.

Peep those assets:

I continue to love everything about DEADPOOL's marketing. Since our debut of the R-rating on April Fool's Day to the insanely awesome trailer(s) to the hilariously inventive social media images and the recent Halloween viral vid, DEADPOOL has been on a roll, owning the identity of Wade Wilson perfectly and making no apologies for how wrong (yet so right) he is. This is the first X-Men related film that I'm genuinely excited for (you can read my set visit goods here) and I love that they are pulling no punches in letting this film be the over-the-top, R-rated crazy that it should be.

Keep your eyes out for a new trailer, which should be making its way online sometime this month and mark your calendars for February 12, 2016 when DEADPOOL breaks out the butt stuff.

Extra Tidbit: This is opening alongside Zoolander 2. Which do you see first or is this a double feature night?



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