Deadpool will have a top secret post-credits sequence no one has seen yet

In case you haven't noticed from the barrage of reviews and interviews that dropped over the weekend once 20th Century Fox's embargo, people have seen DEADPOOL. They've been able to talk about it. They've been able to heap praise upon it. In some instance, they've been able to criticize it. It's all a part of the process.

However, one thing no one's been discussing is the one post-credits stinger DEADPOOL has at the very end of the credits. And it's for good reason. It's a good little moment that fans deserve to experience on their own without someone ruining exactly what it is, simply for the purposes of being a joyless dick.

But... once DEADPOOL's release date arrives at the end of this week, there's going to be a bit of a surprise attached to it for everyone, including those of us who have already laid eyes on the movie...

A second post-credits sequence that no one has seen yet!

According to one of the film's co-writers Rhett Reese, who took to his Twitter to tease this top secret add-on, this is going to remain under wraps until the masses have a shot to see it.

There is predecence for the studio holding something extra back like this until a film's street date. In fact, as more and more people have expected these sequences from Marvel, in recent years they've been holding back at least one back where they've had two as a way to prevent the cool surprises from getting out in advance before the fans could experience them. That's the strategy Fox is adopting here, and, even though it pisses me off as someone who has seen DEADPOOL and wishes I could have gotten my full fix in one shot, it is smart awareness by the studio to recognize that the fans need to be put first whenever it can be done.

DEADPOOL has an extra serving of chimichangas for the fans once it lands in theaters on February 12.

Source: Twitter



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