Design a Transformer

Still not happy about LIPS ON OPTIMUS!! or Bumblebee crying? Now's your change to put your money where your mouth is. USA Today is hosting a contest where you can design your own Transformer. You can sketch it on paper (people still use pencil and paper?!) or design it in Photoshop but you must include both pre- and post-transformation mode and pass along some information on your character (what is it's name and is it an Autobot or Decepticon). Do not, as these gentlemen to the left have, construct an actual Transformer from old auto parts. USA Today would not be happy about that. The winner gets...well not a whole lot but they do get their design published in the June 26 print edition of the paper (which just so happens to have the largest circulation of any newspaper in the US). So if you're a budding artist, this could do wonders for your notoriety. So get cracking on Annihilator or Rumblotron or whatever you're going to call it, click here to submit it to USA Today and who knows? Maybe Michael Bay will be sipping his morning English Tea, see your design and have a flash for TRANSFORMERS 3.

Extra Tidbit: For the record Michael Bay drinks a pure cup of Liquid Awesome for breakfast.
Source: USA Today



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