Details appear about an upcoming villain all set to join The CW's Arrow

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Hopefully this news doesn't make you too dizzy with interest...

The CW's "Arrow" has been enjoying a solid enough run so far, with the lingering question of course being just how long that sort of success can be maintained with fickle viewers and a bevy of quality shows to compete with.  But that won't be known for some weeks yet, and in the meantime another DC villain is gearing up to join the ranks of "Arrow's" quiver of characters.  While he won't be in a form you fans out there recognize, the one and only Count Vertigo is on his way and set to be Oliver Queen's "deadliest adversary to date... He will be truly scary and nightmarish."  Here's the catch: the "Vertigo" of the name will now "belong to a new drug that makes its debut in the same episode as the character inspired by Count Vertigo."  So we're very much stretching the boundaries of inspiration here, with what seems like a bit of a nod to DREDD 3D combined with the possibilities of BATMAN BEGINS' Scarecrow.

Count Vertigo first appeared in 1978 and has since been featured on "Batman: The Animated Series" - there is no word on casting as of yet.  The CW's "Arrow" airs on Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT.

Count Vertigo on Batman: The Animated Series

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