Arrow: Stephen Amell open to doing a limited series on HBO Max or Netflix

Stephen Amell is currently receiving solid reviews for his new Starz series Heels but his fans will probably always take it back to his days on The CW’s Arrow. The series was the first show of the DCTV Universe on The CW and it became a huge hit with the fanbase, running 170 episodes across eight seasons. The show, which created its very own Arrowverse that includes The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and many more, is still beloved and while Amell is mostly looking to the future, he did reveal there could be one way that could lure him back.

Amell appeared on Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast Inside of You and was asked if he had been approached for any other superhero projects since ending his run on Arrow. Amell hasn’t been approached for other superhero projects but he did say he would be open to returning to the role of Oliver Queen if the opportunity presented him. The actor particularly said he believes a limited series on HBO Max or Netflix “would be amazing.” Here is what he had to say:

“If I had been approached I wouldn’t say, but I have not. I was thinking about this question as I drove here and…If the opportunity ever came up to like do a six to eight episodes of Arrow as, like, a limited series on Netflix or HBO Max, or something like that, or on The CW, as the case may be, I think that would be amazing.”

An Arrow run on Netflix, or HBO Max in particular could be pretty cool because the show could go even darker than it ever could on The CW. I think there is some big potential for some great stories to be told on those platforms so I would definitely be open to a return of Arrow as a limited series.

Arrow ended its turn in 2020 and, during the crossover event “Crisis on Infinite Earth”, Oliver sacrificed himself to stop the Anti-Monitor and restore balance to the multiverse. This signaled Amell’s exit from the series with the final two episodes of Arrow focusing on the repercussions of his sacrifice. The character did make a return during the final episode called “Fadeout” which gave the role a bit of finality. There would need to be some maneuvering done to bring Oliver back but in the world of comic books and comic book TV, anything is possible.

Would YOU want to see Arrow as a limited series on Netflix or HBO Max?

Source: Inside of You

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