Die Hard 5 gets its gimmicky title and a release date

I mostly thought DIE HARD 5 would be one of those sequels that we keep talking about - like an INDIANA JONES 5 - and the talent keeps talking about but no one really wants and would never happen. But DIE HARD 5 is actually happening. That much was made abundantly clear this morning as Fox announced a release date of February 14, 2013 for A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD.

Where to begin?

First, yes, that is the new title. I'd speculate on what it means or if it makes any sense by DIE HARDER meant nothing and made absolutely no sense. At least with LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD it was released right around the 4th of July holiday and that sort of made sense in the weird DIE HARD way of things. Shouldn't NO day be a good day to die hard? Isn't the whole point of the movies that John McClane is mostly miserable doing this? Whether it's his distant wife, a hangover headache or Dennis Franz being a pain in the ass, the days are never good days.

Secondly, yes, DIE HARD 5 (sorry I'm already back to the working title) will be releasing on Valentine's Day.

Finally, yes, February 14, 2013 is a Thursday.

I'm not sure what to make of a DIE HARD movie getting released on Valentine's Day. It's...interesting? I already applaud any guy who can convince his wife or girlfriend that's an acceptable way to spend V-Day.

According to Slashfilm, the film will follow McClane as he travels to Moscow to bail out his son, John, Jr., from a Russian prison. But, as you might expect, things do not go according to plan. Unless of course, this is a father/son road trip comedy.

Filming on A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD [5] is set to begin early next year under the direction of John Moore (THE OMEN, BEHIND ENEMY LINES).

Source: JoBlo.comSlashfilm



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