Dinosaurs run the park in the latest Jurassic World trailer


While reading up on Colin Trevorrow's concept for JURASSIC WORLD is enough to get any dinosaur fan excited, it was the first trailer that hit in November that clued us in to the fact we might have something really cool on our hands. Taking place 22 years after the original JURASSIC PARK, we get to see John Hammond's vision come to life, had he been successful. Of course, this new corporation decided to take genetic engineering a step further to create a seemingly perfect killing machine. Do you want to let loose a bunch of dinosaurs on an island, because THAT'S how you let loose a bunch of dinosaurs on an island! Now the newest trailer is here, once again showcasing a sequel that may finally live up to the fun and excitement of the original!

Here's a look at some of our dino-friends:

A wild Jake Johnson appeared!

I'm more of a fan of the first trailer, as this one feels like it attended the Michael Bay school of storytelling, but it's all good. With the amount of great-looking sequels hitting this year, I feel this actually works in favor of the audience, as we're probably willing to give films a little more leeway in regards to plot and action. Nobody wants to walk into these films seeing the same things, and God knows there are too few films rocking the genetically engineered dinosaurs these days. Those beautifully awesome creatures aside, the cast for this film looks great and hearing the JURASSIC PARK themes in a theater again will be worth the price admission. Just take my damn money, already!

JURASSIC WORLD opens its gates on June 12, 2015.




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