Director John Chu is taking on Jem & The Holograms and they want your help

After getting a solid hit with GI JOE: RETALIATION and later bowing out of the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE pic, director John M. Chu has been weighing his options for his next project, but apparently he's sticking with '80's toys as his inspiration. After already signing on for a threequel to GI JOE, Chu is now planning to dive into the world of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS. You may be asking yourself: Who the hell are they? Well, that would certainly show which era you grew up in, but for those not in the know, Jem is a the alter ego of Jerrica Benton, who owns her own music company called Starlight Music and has a pair of hologram earrings that keep her identity safe. Hey, it was the '80's.

Chu, along with producer Jason Blum and music producer Scooter Braun, have put together a little announcement video that is a unique take on the Kickstarter process; instead of asking for your money, however, they are asking for your creative input. By inviting the public via social media, they are looking for your ideas on costumes, music, casting, characters, etc. by posting a video with the tag #JemTheMovie. It's an interesting and interactive way to engage fans, no doubt, even if it feels a bit gimmicky.

JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS was on after GI JOE and TRANSFORMERS when I was a kid and it was never my thing, but I always watched the opening because I liked the song. That was as far as I got, but I know there is a huge audience of female viewers who adored the show and have that same nostalgic sweet spot for it that many men do for 'Joes and Transformers.


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