Disney lures Lin-Manuel Miranda under the sea for live-action Little Mermaid

lin-manuel miranda,

If you were to ask me what my Top Five Movies of this summer were at this very moment, you'd probably end up with a list that included CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, BAD MOMS and then three spots occupied for the Original Cast Recording of HAMILTON. Yeah, it's been that kind of summer season so far, but also... that soundtrack is really friggin' good. 

Therefore, oblige me a few moments of excitement over the news that Disney has brought HAMILTON creator Lin-Manuel Miranda on for their live-action take of THE LITTLE MERMAID. Miranda will be teaming up with Alan Menken, who won two Oscars for the 1989 animated version, to write the music, which will be a mix of sorts of some of the pre-existing tunes that Disney fans have lovingly embraced over the years, for the film. In addition, he will supervise the story as Disney brings a writer on to pen the script. But what this really does for The Mouse is keeps them in the Lin-Manuel Miranda business. 

Let's not forget... Miranda has already tasted success on Broadway twice - first with IN THE HEIGHTS, then with HAMILTON. And now he's a key piece of the Disney machine, writing music for Disney's upcoming film MOANA, starring in MARY POPPINS RETURNS and now getting involved with THE LITTLE MERMAID. They certainly know what they're doing keeping him a part of their future. I expect them to reap plenty of benefits as a result of this working relationship. 

Source: Deadline



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