Dominic Cooper in final talks for AMC's Preacher; Lucy Griffiths to co-star

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Exciting news this morning as The Wrap has learned Dominic Cooper is in final talks to star as Jesse Custer in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's Preacher series for AMC. Cooper hasn't closed a deal yet, but sources have told the site "that’s expected to be a mere formality." The actor was rumored to be up for Custer part last month, and as a massive Preacher fan, I'm very happy he has landed the role.

In other not necessarily less exciting, but slightly worrisome Preacher news comes word that British actress Lucy Griffiths (True Blood, BBC One's Robin Hood series) has been added to the cast, joining Ruth Negga (Tulip), Joseph Gilgun (Cassidy) and Ian Colletti (Arseface). I only say slightly worrisome because it appears Griffiths will be playing a new character created for the series, and I'm not thrilled with THR's description of her character.

Griffiths will co-star as Emily Woodrow, a no-nonsense single mother of three. Emily's a waitress, the church organist, a bookkeeper and Jesse's loyal right hand. Stoic and strong, wise beyond her years, she can’t help but have a little thing for Preacher Jesse.

I'm not big on adding new characters to a movie/TV adaptation of any property, and with the comic already having so many fantastic characters, I just don't see the need to create a new one. But we don't know why Rogen, Goldberg and screenwriter Sam Catlin (Breaking Bad) decided to create Emily Woodrow or how she will be used, and I trust the trio know what they are doing with Preacher.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are expected to start filming the Preacher pilot this summer for series consideration in 2016.

Extra Tidbit: Who do you want to play Herr Starr? My vote is for Hugo Weaving.
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