Joseph Gilgun cast as Cassidy in AMC's comic adaptation Preacher

With the female lead wrapped up, Seth Rogen's pilot based on Garth Ennis' acclaimed comic book Preacher has now found it's second lead. British actor Joseph Gilgun has been cast as Irish vampire Cassidy in the pilot for the AMC series which leaves only the role of Jesse Custer open.

Proinsias Cassidy is a hundred year old undead Irishman who serves as friend and foil to Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Jesse. He joins in on their adventures to find God while avoiding the deadly Saint of Killers and depraved Herr Starr. Along they way, they run into all sorts of depraved characters, including the deformed Arseface (Ian Colletti).

Joseph Gilgun has worked primarily in the U.K. and is best known for roles on the series Emmerdale and Misfits as well as the film THIS IS ENGLAND. He has not broken through domestically yet but does have a role in the Vin Diesel film THE LAST WITCH HUNTER. The role of Cassidy could be a break out part for Gilgun, especially if AMC pushes the envelope with profanity and violence like they have on their other series.

The Preacher pilot has been picking up steam in recent weeks as characters quickly get cast. A favorite series of mine since it's inception, Preacher has had a long road to the big and small screen with several attempts to adapt it falling apart. This take looks like the most likely to happen, so hopefully we see a product that is more like The Walking Dead rather than Constantine.

Source: Deadline



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