Dwayne Johnson shares first look at his character from Central Intelligence

We're only halfway through the year but Dwayne Johnson already has two huge blockbusters to his name. For most people that would be enough to warrent a break but there's no slowing down for the charismatic actor as he's currently filming CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE, an action/comedy from Rawson Marshall Thurber (WE'RE THE MILLERS.)

Dwayne Johnson is one of those celebrities who loves to keep us updated on social media so it's only natural that he would share our first look at CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE on Instagram. Check out Dwayne Johnson's muscles occupy a smokey room below:


A blast crafting and creating this dude... The inspiration behind this character "Bob" has always been Tom Hanks in "BIG" with an added twist. He's a grown man who's extremely childlike and views the world thru exuberant and enthusiastic teenage eyes... Loves to wear his favorite Public Enemy shirt, cargo pants and sneakers to work.. and rocks a fanny pack which holds his Bruce Lee quotes and a condom (he's always prepared). The "added twist" is Bob has an extremely high IQ and is one of the most lethal men on the planet as a C.I.A. contract killer. Oh the most important character trait.. He hates bullies. Can't wait for y'all to meet "Bob". #FightThePower #BeWaterMyFriend #FannyPackYetDeadly CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE. SUMMER 2016.

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Dwayne Johnson will headline the feature alongside Kevin Hart who is playing a former high school sports star turned accountant. On the eve of a class reunion Hart's character is contacted by a former classmate named Bob (Dwayne Johnson) who used to be a bullied "loser," but is now one of the most lethal contract killers in the employ of the CIA. Bob reaches out to Hart's character for help in foiling a plot to sell classified military secrets. Amy Ryan, Danielle Nicolet, and Bobby Brown will also be putting in appearances with Amy Ryan playing another CIA operative who is tasked with bringing Dwayne Johnson's character in.

Once again, I find myself interested in the film due solely to Johnson's involvement; it's like he brokered some deal with a crossroads demon years ago. That's the only explanation I can think of.

Do Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart make for a good pair?

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