Early tracking places Rampage on course for $35 million opening weekend

Dwayne Johnson is possibly the biggest movie star on the planet – and I’m not just talking about his physical size. The man opens hit after hit (eh, maybe not BAYWATCH) and shows no signs of slowing down (except with BAYWATCH). His new movie, RAMPAGE, is shaping up to be his craziest movie yet, and who doesn't want to watch Johnson fight giant monsters? Clearly, a fair amount of people want to because the early tracking numbers are hinting at a healthy opening weekend.

Per Variety, the current estimates are saying RAMPAGE should open to a solid $35 million for its first weekend. That’s not bad, but it would come in noticeably lower than the past Johnson/Brad Peyton movie, SAN ANDREAS ($54 million). However, as far as video game movies are concerned, that is a fantastic opening and comes in way ahead of movies like TOMB RAIDER ($23 million), WARCRAFT ($24 million) and ASSASSIN’S CREED ($10 million).

The movie’s opening would also open in line with recent Johnson movies, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE ($35 million) and JUMANJI ($36 million), with the former finishing up with $127 million and over $400 million domestically. If RAMPAGE comes in near even INTELLIGENCE, it will be one of the biggest video game movies ever.

RAMPAGE secured itself a bit of breathing room at the box office recently when it moved its release date up one week (to April 13) after AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR did the same (to April 27). Now the movie has two weeks to play before AVENGERS takes, literally, all of the business from the movie. But two weeks should be a good enough amount of time for it to make some cash, and it will make for a solid, blockbuster alternative for anyone not interested in AVENGERS. I don't know who that person is, but I hope they enjoy RAMPAGE!

RAMPAGE hits theaters April 13.

Source: Variety



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