Eddie Murphy's A Thousand Words poster is a crime against design

What the- what the hell is going on here? Who approved this?

Not only did the trailer for Eddie Murphy's A THOUSAND WORDS look awful, but then they go and release this.... collage, basically. Black Film had the exclusive on this abomination.

What happened to Eddie Murphy's comeback? Could it possibly be that hard for him to find good roles? He was on a roll that few comedians could ever hope to top back in the 1980s (and DELIRIOUS is one of the all-time great stand-up specials) but the man hasn't done a halfway decent comedy since BOWFINGER. 

Let's not forget that A THOUSAND WORDS is directed by Brian Robbins, of NORBIT, MEET DAVE, THE SHAGGY DOG and GOOD BURGER; the film was sitting on a shelf for the last four years until someone at Paramount finally decided to squeeze it out.

We'll see if the film can make a thousand bucks when it hits on March 9th.

Source: Blackfilm.com



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