Emily Blunt joins Tom Cruise for All You Need Is Kill

Emily Blunt is one of those actresses that is usually eyed for a high profile role, but never gets to join for whatever reason.

Let's hope that Mrs. Blunt-Krasinski does not drop out of Doug Liman's ALL YOU NEED IS KILL. Warner Bros. finally got the actress after she had been circling the project for awhile.

The lovely lady will join Tom Cruise in the sci-fi film that is said to be in the vein of GROUNDHOG DAY with a twist. ALL YOU NEED IS KILL is based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka's graphic novel of the same name. The story focuses on, "a soldier in a war against aliens finds himself reliving his last day over and over after being killed. Through the training and battles he experiences in these time loops, he becomes a better soldier. Blunt plays another soldier who fights alongside Cruise."

The next sci-fi flick you can see Blunt in is LOOPER starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Source: Variety



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